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Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Appliances

It’s that time of year – the warm weather is on its way, and with it comes the annual opportunity for deep cleaning and refreshing your home. For most of us, that means whipping out the gloves and getting a Winter’s worth of dust out of those hard to reach places.

As you go about Spring cleaning, do you stop to think about your appliances and whether they need to be cleaned, maintained or replaced?

Spring Cleaning Tips

One thing that can go by the wayside in the Spring clean is household appliances. It can be hard to keep track of what kind of cleaning and maintenance is necessary, or to know what needs replacing.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, here’s our guide to cleaning and maintaining your household appliances.


If you only get to Spring clean one appliance, make it this one. A clean and properly functioning fridge is more important than you might realise

  • Check the thermostat: It should be stable and sitting within a range of 0 to 4 degrees to keep your food fresh and safe from bacteria.
  • Clean the outside of the fridge, above and below: Yes, this means pulling it out from the wall and grabbing a step ladder and getting rid of the dust.
  • Check the seals and replace if needed: A good scrub will do wonders, but if the seals are damaged your fridge could be struggling to maintain its temperature and possibly also using extra energy which can increase your power bills.
  • Clean out your freezer: Do this before buying groceries so you have spare fridge space and use the opportunity to get rid of anything out of expiry date that’s been hiding in there for too long!

Tips for Cleaning Refrigerator

Does it need replacing?

If the temperature of your fridge isn’t stable, or if the exterior of the fridge is hot to the touch, it’s likely that it’s nearing the end of its life. The average lifetime of a domestic fridge is 8 to 12 years, and if yours is nearing this mark, or is showing signs of malfunctioning, it could be worth starting to think about a replacement. Planning ahead will help you get what you want for a good price.

Washing Machines

It can be easy to forget that the appliances that clean things for us do in fact need cleaning themselves. Luckily, cleaning your washing machine is a simple process, and will help keep your clothes fresh and in good condition.

  • Run a cleaning cycle: This should be done on a regular basis, but Spring is a good reminder. There are both commercial products and DIY options for this – check your appliance manual for the best way to clean your machine as they can differ based on design.
  • Check for leaks: Excess water is never a good thing, so check for any signs of dripping or leaking that could be increasing your water bill or causing expensive to repair damage to your walls and floor.
  • Get into the seals: Yes, this applies to most appliances. Toothbrushes make a great tool for getting right into the folds of the seal.

Tips for Cleaning Washing Machine

Does it need replacing?

Check out our guide for choosing a new washing machine here


Regular cleaning and maintenance makes a notable difference to how dishwashers function, and how clean your items are when they come out. Supplementing regular cleaning with a deep clean in Spring is a great way to extend the life and functionality of your dishwasher.

  • Clean the filter: It’s not the most pleasant task but keeping the filter clean is necessary for so many reasons: hygiene, plumbing, and efficiency. Hand wash any removable elements.
  • Check the spray holes: Even if you clean your dishwasher regularly, small particles can still get lodged in the jets. Check your manual for the best way to clean this out – often this will be by using a soft brush.
  • Run it empty: Choose the hottest, longest cycle available and let it run to help flush out any residual grease or odours.
  • Look out for rust: While you’re going about your cleaning, make sure any rust you spot is treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your appliance.

Does it need replacing?

One of the biggest indicators of the state of your dishwasher, is how your dishes look at the end of the cycle. Keep an eye out for cloudy glassware, dishes that need to be re-washed, and too much residual water after a drying function. Increased noise or stopping mid-cycle may also indicate time to replace the unit. On average, dishwashers last up to 10 years.

The best way to get good value from your appliances is to buy a brand you trust from a reputable retailer and maintain it regularly.

Don't Forget Furniture!

Is your furniture looking a little worse for wear, lumpy, torn or just doesn’t have that same comfort factor it had when it was new? If you’re planning to replace any of your furniture your first thought might be to turn to an online marketplace. However, if you prefer your furniture to be new but your savings are a little limited, renting could be the ideal option for you. With geddit, you can rent lounges from only $7 per week or less, and beds from only $12 per week or less as well as bundle deals to help your dollars go further. We offer a range of products and when renting, you get service cover at no cost. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, for free!

Tips for Cleaning Furniture

Monitor wear and tear before it becomes costly to repair

Replacing appliances or furniture can be a costly exercise – especially if something breaks down when you need it. Knowing the signs of wear, tear and age will help you plan for an upgrade and enable you to consider more options. If you decide to replace any of your household appliances or furniture, there’s more ways than ever to go about it.

gedd!t's Rent & Upgrade it option is an affordable way to keep up with technology and style. As manufacturers release products that are increasingly energy efficient, being able to update your items could mean lower utility bills. 

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