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Tips For Furnishing Your Home

Moving to a new house often comes with starting a new chapter, be it a new job, a growing family, or a fresh start. Making the house into a home can be both rewarding and stressful.

Furnishing a new house, and needing to get your hands on a lot of items quickly, can be a real challenge financially. On top of the strain of moving, it can be a lot to handle.

Start with creating a shopping list and a budget. It can also be helpful to split the list up by categories like need urgently and can wait. Thinking about what you’re likely to use the most may help you here. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to look at your choices.

Thankfully, there are now more options than ever for creating a house that you love, and can picture yourself living in happily.

To fast-track you to enjoying the good things about a new house, here are four things you can do to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

1. Make The Most of Special Offers

This tip is especially helpful if you have advanced notice when moving house. Knowing where retailers advertise their specials means that you can scoop up some of the items you need at a good price.

There are often sales around special events and seasons, so keeping an eye out and signing up to special deal offers and newsletters can save you a bunch of cash. Learn more bout geddit's special offers.

Good for: Items that are ‘in season’

2. Try to avoid buying bad-quality items because you’re in a rush

It can be a false economy to buy cheap. While the cheap price tag can be very appealing, the catch-22 of buying the cheapest item is that it’s more likely to wear out sooner, break down and cost more in repairs or replacements over time.

When possible, buying important, often used items like fridges and washing machines from reputable brands is recommended. Quality brands also tend to come with longer warranties or better policies and often retailers will offer customer care plans and other special offers. Looking for flexible payment options can be helpful here.

Good for: White goods and electronics

3. Consider using finance options

Taking advantage of different finance options can help you to stick to your budget AND still getting the items you want.

Financing instead of buying outright means that you can keep some cash on hand for life’s unexpected twists and turns. It can also help you get the better-quality items you really want, instead of a short-term solution which you may need or want to replace in a couple of years. Learn more about the Four Easy Ways to geddit.

Good for: Everything!

4. Look for vendors who offer extra services and flexibility

One great way to get value for money is to choose products that come with extra services, which would otherwise cost you money or time in the long term. Buying from a vendor that will eliminate these costs can improve the value of the purchase. These can be services like delivery, installation and technical support. Learn more about geddit.

Good for: Electronics, furniture, exercise equipment

Tackling your list of items with these tips can take the stress out of the process and make furnishing your home a very satisfying achievement.

If you have any questions about the options offered by gedd!t, please contact us. We’d love to help!