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Terms & Conditions

^Rental rates are based on 12 months rental term.

â–¡Rentals rates are based on 24 months rental term.

#Rental rates are based on 36 months rental term.

¥Rental rates are based on 42 months rental term.

◊Rental rates are based on 48 months rental term.

Rental payments are to be made monthly in advance. Goods on a rental contract will remain the property of inRent. You will only have custody of the goods and hold them for and on behalf of inRent providing you do not breach the rental agreement.

At any time, you may contact inRent and ask to pay out your rental agreement; however it is at the absolute discretion of inRent to either accept or decline your request. If your request is accepted, the rental agreement will be terminated from the date inRent receives full payment for the item or goods being purchased.

Any item or goods on your rental agreement are at your own risk. You must keep them safe from theft, damage or destruction.

Rental is available to approved applicants only and is then subject to terms and conditions. Rental is provided by ‘inRent’. ‘inRent’ is a registered trademark of Walker Stores Pty Ltd (WSPL) ABN 77 371 865 846. Australian Credit Licence Number 393023.

∞For items rented on a 'Rent & Keep it' rental agreement - Subject to there being no payments or charges owing on your rental agreement at the end of the item's rental term you may keep the products rented at the end of term with no further payments.