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gedd!t and Live The Good Life.

Price Match Guarantee

With competitive pricing throughout the store, a price match guarantee that applies no matter how you choose to pay and a range of benefits to make life easier, shopping with gedd!t makes sense today more than ever.

geddit Price Match Terms and Conditions*

  • Evidence of advertised price must be provided or easily available.
  • Item being price matched must be new and be an identical brand, make and model, must be in stock and available for sale.
  • Finance terms must be ‘like for like’.
  • For goods that are to be rented, we will reduce the rental rate by an amount proportionate to the difference in ticket price.
  • Personal shoppers only.

Offer excludes:

  • Prices available at online only retailers, auction sites, classifieds, community marketplaces, and outlet shops.
  • Prices offered by importers or overseas retailers in currency other than $AUD, that is, where the product will require delivery.
  • Priced in error, that is, where we or a competitor have advertised the wrong price by mistake.