If you want it, gedd!t and Live The Good Life. Click here to view our current catalogue.


If you want it, gedd!t and Live The Good Life.

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Here are details about all the benefits of Rent & Upgrade it

- Upgrade to the latest as you go. Keep up with technology and style. Upgrade your products to the latest as you go.
- No deposit or fees. One simple monthly payment with no application or account keeping fees.
- Low weekly payments. Affordable payments, tailored to suit you and your budget.
- Variety of terms. 12, 24, 36, 42, 48 and 60 month terms available on most products.
- Range of products. You can rent & upgrade from our huge range of products. Just look for the rental rates.
- Service cover at no cost. If something goes wrong. We’ll fix it. For free.
- Debt waiver at no cost. If rented goods are stolen or destroyed in a fire, your debt will be waived.
- geddit a better way at no cost. Onsite expert assistance and 24/7 phone support on computers & tablets. Click here for more
- Free delivery & installation. Your products will be delivered and a basic installation will be performed.
- Possible tax deductions. If you’re renting for business, your renting payments may be up to 100% tax deductible.
- Offers & Promotions. Subscribe by clicking ‘VIP Signup’ below.
- Easy to Apply. Our 10-minute application process starts by clicking ‘apply now’ below.

When your situation changes, so can your rental plan!

When you rent & upgrade it with gedd!t, you can be comfortable that the rental agreement you enter into can be terminated with no fee to pay after as little as 12 months*. So, if your situation changes, your rental agreement can change too!

*Based on a 24 or 36 month rent & upgrade it plan. Enquire in store or via our contact form for more information.